Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We Have Liftoff

i gotta admit that i was never really into this blogging thing.
if i needed a venue to express every random thought that popped
into my head id just do it on my radio show.." the kyle wenzel show "
weekdays from 2-6pm....and anybody who has ever tuned into my
show knows that im a man of few words. " shut up and play some music "
and thats what i do.
so, if your looking for insight and daily tips to make your life better,
you may as well keep looking, your not gonna find it here.
id like to help you, i really would. but to be honest, im just as clueless as you.
hopefully in the days and weeks to come ill come up with a occaisional tid-bit
worth sharing with you here, but im guessing it will more than likely just be
what i had for lunch that day.
regardless, thanks for stopping by.